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PLA+ (Pro) filaments are an upgraded version of the successful PLA (Polylactic Acid) filaments. Compared with PLA, PLA+ has increased toughness with a combination of printing fine details. It also presents a sort of silk gloss and the support can be easily removed. It is a multipurpose material commonly used in 3D printing.

3DEA eSun
Material Density 1.24g/cm3 1.24g/cm3
Tensile strength 60 Mpa 65 Mpa
Elongation at break 5.80% 12%
Impact intensity (KJ/M,Izod 2 ) 8 8.5
Heat Distortion Temp 61.5℃ 52℃
Melt Flow Index (g/10min) 4 4
Melting point 178.5℃
Printing temperature 195-220℃ 205-225℃
Bed temp 0-40℃ 60-80℃

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