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eSUN Water Washable Resin – Clear


eSUN Water washable resin has strength and property of standard rein. Low odor and low irritation. The printed model can be washed and cleaned by water directly.

0.5kg - Clear

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Packaged in a durable aluminium bottle.

– Water Washable Hard Resin
– Instead of using IPA to clean up the prints, you can use tap water to wash the prints. Note that you still need to leave the water outside under sunlight to cure any resins. Don’t drain to sink directly.
– Faster Printing Speed
– Low Odour

Solidify wavelength: 395nm to 410nm
Viscosity (25C,mPa.s): 100 to 120 mpa.s
Density: 1.08 to 1.13 g / cm3

Physical Properties:
Flexural strength (Mpa): 45Mpa to 70Mpa
Flexural Modulus (Mpa): 900 to 1400
Tensile strength (Mpa): 68 Mpa
Elongation at break (%): 5% to 10%
Notched impact strength (J/m): 18 to 39
Hardness (D): 76D

1. Storage
1) Keep away from light and sealed at room temperature.
2) It is recommended to store the resin between 15 Celsius and 35 Celsius in its original container.
Avoid any dusty or moist environment.

2. Usage:
1) Shake well before use. Avoid any direct sunlight during usage.
2) Keep it away from the children. Do not put in mouth.
3) Wear gloves before use to avoid direct contact with the skin and keep the room ventilated.
4) By skin contact please wash with plenty of water immediately. Seek medical advice if necessary.
5) Use tap water to clean finished models about 30 seconds.

Bottom Exposure Time: 30-50s when layer thickness is 0.05mm, recommend set to 40s.
Normal Exposure Time: 6-10s when layer thickness is 0.05mm, recommend set to 7s on EPAX X1 or 10 seconds on Anycubic Photon.
Exposure time is proportional to layer thickness. The numbers above are for layer thickness 0.05mm. if thickness is 0.1mm, the normal exposure time will be 12-20s.

Weight 0.5 kg



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